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Wish we could meet again soon


Audio Walk


Taking the idea of time capsules as a point of departure, the workshop invites participants to collect the petals and leaves that detached from the Pink and White Shower tree into a prepared vacuum bag. In the meantime, they also need to put one of their personal belongings (which can be very tinny) together with the picked petals into the bag, and then the artist will help to vacuum and to seal it.


Instead of looking up high appreciating the opened flower, those fallen petals and leaves also present the beautiful cycle of nature that shows time. The tree's blossom was a rare piece of good news last year during the outbreak of COVID-19. A year passed, the tree blooming again. The epidemic is still happening, but we do grow much living with the contingency of life. Who knows what this place be like in the future. Who knows would we have chance to meet again because of the tree's blossom next year.


Therefore, participants are welcome to have a little talk with the artist about their thoughts of parting during the event. They are also welcome to keep the sealed bag or leave it to the artist. However, once they choose to take it home, it can be only unsealed when the Pink and White Shower blooms again in the next year.

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