What you had promised to me


Kiln-formed glass

Do you remember?

I had once been your darling

You promised to be my harbour

Protected me from night to morning


Do you remember?

I had once been your one inspire

You said my smile gave you power

Delighted your life forever

Do you remember you made thousands of promises?

I trust you all the time

But how about you?

Love is something powerful but fragile. Talking about “love relationship,” it is easily associated with a warm feeling which is not always true. My parents are acquainted with each other for more than 30 years. They even had the sweetest moment on writing love letters to establish a strong connection. However, this kind of stuff still can’t keep their relationship well. This work, “What you had promised to me”, desires to present the fragility of a relationship.

What you had promised to me

(The quotes from  hundreds of love letters  of my parents written in Chinese)