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There's no beginning. There's no end.

Duration: 16 hours

There's no beginning. There's no end. (2020), Ice Wong Kei Suet
There's no beginning. There's no end. (2020), Ice Wong Kei Suet

Exhibition series of 'Post-Human Narratives- Cyborg, Boundary, Situation' curated by Kobe KO Wing Lam
September 25-27, 2020

There’s no beginning. There’s no end. is a durational site-specific performance that takes place over three days, taking the chemistry of candyfloss as a point of departure to illustrate the endlessness and incongruity between expectancy and reality. Candyfloss is made by heating and liquefying sugar, spinning it centrifugally through minute holes, and finally allowing it to rapidly cool and re-solidify into fine strands. The dissolved sugar spreads and attaches to objects surrounding the centrifuge creating bunches of fine sugar strands, expanding and falling on and on. A regular candyfloss machine includes a surrounding shield to confine the sugar strands, but here the walls of the space become the shield and to enter the space is to enter the machine and everything, including us, becomes parts of it.

Candyfloss is a confection found at amusement parks, a fantasy treat associated with fun and happiness, correlating with the imaginary unspoiled and utopian funfair, a place of temporary escape from reality. Even the word candyfloss metaphorically means something perceived as lacking in worth or substance, but still, we desire its non-nutritious, transient pleasures. Is it a law of nature to struggle on with both eagerness and endless dissatisfaction?



Venue Support: Hidden Space
Exhibition Graphic Design: Erina Si
Exhibition Website: Side Gig Laboratory

Photo by: Karina Ye
Video Production: Karina Ye, Haniz
Text Editing: Karina Ye

Special thanks to:
Christina Tam, Man Hin Siu, Jason Xue, Jing Wong, Sylvia Cheng, Florence Lam, Nona Kan, Sabrina Poon

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