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The Moment

Video Installation & Happening Performance 
Glass cane in 5-metered long,
Single-channel video, 2'34" on loop
Duration of performance: 27 days

The Moment (2017), Ice Wong Kei SuetG
The Moment (2017), Ice Wong Kei Suet
The Moment (2017), Ice Wong Kei Suet

The Moment is a performative collaboration of glass and nature from 29 April to 25 May 2017.


I inserted a clear glass cane 5 meters in length into an outdoor space to create unique moments with nature. From sunrise to moonrise, the glass cane captures the refraction of sunlight and moonlight.


At the beginning of a day, the light spot moves downwards from the tip to the middle, and its colour changes from whitish (morning) to warmer colour (afternoon), then lastly turn to yellowish and orangish (sunset). Then, the light spot moves opposite when the moon appears. Also, having the moment when the wind waves the glass cane and twists it out of shape from time to time—eventually embracing the moment when the glass cane breaks. Those moments are so fleeting that none of us can catch them forever. The only thing I can do is to observe and appreciate every single remarkableness.


Once the moment is over, you no longer get the same view again.

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