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The Interweaving of You and I

Happening Performance/ Living Installation
Duration: 5 weeks

The Interweaving of You and I (2021), Ice Wong Kei Suet

Exhibition series of 'Post-Human Narratives- The Co-existing Land' curated by Kobe KO Wing Lam

July 31-September 5, 2021

The Interweaving of You and I  transforms the exhibition space into a sunflower garden while 'gardeners' are there and taking care of sunflowers from time to time. In order to explore the interconnectedness of man and plant, the process of gardening is part of the happenings that happen during the exhibition period to show coexistence. Man and plants share essential resources like water, sunlight, and air. Man, as a planter, has built up such an interdependent relationship with plants. If plants get adequate care, they grow great. Meanwhile, planters find comfort in spending time with plants, sowing, watering, talking or even bringing them out for sunlight. The action of planting is invested with a sense of delight and healing to planters.


In terms of healing, sunflower is one of the most significant plants of all. It symbolises the sun and being employed in Environmental remediation technology called “phytoremediation”. Scientists found that its growing process carries metal and toxin detoxification, notably used in Chernobyl and Fukushima. In a way that it emotionally and physically gives us a sense of hope. The majority of the living creatures in nature are interconnected and inter-influenced. Thus, we have learned to embrace the uncertainties and changes in life through reliance.

《織綜如生》將展覽空間轉化為種植向日葵的花園,以此探討植物與人類之間的關係,作為思考「共生」的切入點,並直接將栽種過程作為展演的一部分。人類作為栽種者,與植物之間密不可分的關係,不僅僅是植物的生長狀態取決於栽種者的照料有多呵護備至;對栽種者而言,每日重複的澆灌、修剪、與植物對話、甚至帶植物外出接觸陽光, 某程度上栽種過程是人類情感寄託/投射的行為之一,以主觀行為幫助植物茁壯成長從而得到情感治癒。人類與植物的「共生」除了共享水、陽光、空氣之外,還有這種彼此建立關係,互相依存的「共生」形態。展覽期間,栽種者會通過不定期的遊走方式,照顧展覽空間內的向日葵,即使過程中將會充滿不確定性,兩者都只能學習如何擁抱所面臨的變化,期盼達致互相治癒的效果。

Performers: Ice WONG Kei Suet, Colbie FUNG Ho Pui

Video Production: Caleb FUNG

Photo by:  Frankie Chan, Wave Channel (HK)


Special thanks to: Christina TAM, Karina YE, Jay LAU, Joyce ZHOU, MAN Hin Siu, Liv TSIM
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The Interweaving of You and I
The Interweaving of You and I
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