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That night, the echoes of Lisea’s song sounded across the ocean.

Mixed-media Installation
Dimension variable 

Commissioned by Para Site for ‘Post-Human Narratives—In the Name of Scientific Witchery’ curated by Kobe KO Wing Lam

July 29 - August 28, 2022

Throughout history, there have been various interpretations and conjectures of dreams and the allusions behind them. Although the study of dreams has shifted from religious to more scientific and psychological perspectives, we still cannot fully grasp how a succession of scenes with specific emotions and sensations come about. Why do we dream? 


The Greek philosopher Plato described dreaming as “ideas are birds fluttering around in the aviary of our brains”. Dreams carry metaphorical meanings to the awakening self, they are influential keys that unlock the door to the subconscious and allow access to the unknown side of deeper awareness. They concomitantly reveal the relationship between personal identity and its surroundings. 


The work was inspired by one of the artist’s dreams, where she dreamt of two giant humpback whales and one of which called Lisea, was singing. Taking from her consistent practice of lucid dreaming, Wong systematically records her dreams. Viewers from spiritual, psychological and other backgrounds are invited to interpret her dreams. Dreams contain a level of authenticity and inaccuracy while interpreters may inevitably combine their thoughts with the artist’s dreams in their analysis. Even the current scientific studies still cannot give perfect answers to the incorporation of waking life in dreams. However, with the belief that the mystery of dreams carries other potentials, it may become hope— an alternative explanation about our being. 





Special thanks to Christina Tam, Karina Ye, Jay Lau, Liv Tsim, Jasmina Mok and all invited dream interpreters

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Photo by Samson Wong Pak Hang (Studio Lights on)

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