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Rehearsal For Departure -To the day may inevitably come

30-minute Audio-guided Improvisation


Rehearsal For Departure - To the day may inevitably come


Rehearsal For Departure- To the day may inevitably come” is a 30-minute long immersive audio walk relating to the concept of departure. It extends from “Wish we could meet again soon” (2021),  experiential audio-guided tour collecting and telling different stories relating to the theme of parting, which took place in The Murray Hotel the last spring. Hotel, a place that people are paying for short-term lodging. Also, it is a space where departures are happening every minute, every hour, every day. People come to hotels for different reasons, but undoubtedly, every one of them has a destination. Fundamentally, hotels turn out to be a transition point for people heading towards where they have to go.


Participants will listen to a pre-recorded audio while following designated “travellers” to walk through the rooms and floors in the hotel. Participants, being viewers to go along with “travellers” and listen to their monologue, getting a sense of complex feelings about the theme of departure. Every one of us may get to cope with it in one day.

Performer: Tina Cheung

Project Assistant: Colbie Fung Ho Pui

Photo by: Colbie Fung Ho Pui

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