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離開的演繹 (致那無可避免的一天)
Rehearsal For Departure -To the day may inevitably come

 Audio-guided Improvisation (Cantonese)
Duration: 30 minutes

Rehearsal For Departure -To the day may inevitably come_short ver
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Rehearsal For Departure- To the day may inevitably come a 30-minute immersive audio walk relating to the concept of departure. It extends from Wish we could meet again soon (2021), an experiential audio-guided tour collecting and telling different stories relating to the theme of parting, which took place in The Murray Hotel last spring. Hotel is a place where people pay for short-term lodging. Also, it is a space where departures happen every minute, hour, and day. People come to hotels for different reasons, but everyone has a destination. Fundamentally, hotels are a transition point for people heading towards where they must go.


Participants will listen to a pre-recorded audio while following designated “travellers” to walk through the rooms and floors in the hotel. Participants, being viewers go along with “travellers” and listen to their monologue, getting a sense of complex feelings about the theme of departure. Every one of us may get to cope with it in one day.

《離開的演繹 (致那無可避免的一天)》 是一段大約30分鐘的語音紀錄,以邊走邊聽的方式沉浸於關於離開的概念中。 這作品是延伸自體驗式語音導賞團《願待花開時,一起聽風(2021) 》,《願》 是於美利酒店以語音紀錄的方式收集和訴說城市中關於分離的故事。酒店, 本身就是一個有關暫居的地方。因此,離開就彷如這空間的主題, 每一天每小時每分鐘都在發生。每個人可以帶著千萬個理由來到這裡,但無可否認的是,每個人都會有自己即將前往的目的地。因此,酒店就像是一個過渡的地點,每個人都註定會離開。

參與者需一邊聆聽預先錄製的語音,一邊跟隨特定的 「過客」 行走於酒店內不同的房間和樓層。參與者,同時也是「過客」的旁觀者,透過他們的獨腳戲,體悟那有關離開但複雜且難以輕易述說的情緒。也許在不久的將來,某一天,我們也會有屬於自己的那段故事。

Performer: Tina Cheung

Project Assistant: Colbie Fung Ho Pui

Photo by: Colbie Fung Ho Pui

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