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傾斜與對準 — 集體即興
Group improvisation as part of 
Per.Platform #3 'Fluidity and Impermanence'

Collective Performance
Duration: 5 hours

As part of  Per.Platform #3 'Fluidity and Impermanence', a performance festival co-presented by Per.Platform and Tomorrow Maybe (Eaton HK)


This 5-hour group improvised performance is a result of 'Tilt and Level' Performance Art Workshop led by co-founder of Per.Platform, Florence Lam, in April 2022. The method is inspired by the idea of “Art of Encounter”, developed by Black Market International, an international performance artist collective that has been active since 1985. Artists from a wide range of backgrounds, including visual art, dance, theatre, filmmaking and music. The performance started with eight artists from the workshop in April, and in the second half of the session, the floor was opened for other festival artists to join in freely.


這個5小時的集體即興行為,是2022年4月由Per.Platform聯合創辦人Florence Lam帶領的「傾斜與對準」行為藝術工作坊的成果。該手法的靈感來自由黑市國際(自1985年以來一直活躍的國際行為藝術家團體)提出的 “Art of Encounter” 的一種創作理念。是次集體即興行為的參與藝術家來自廣泛的背景,包括視覺藝術、舞蹈、戲劇、影像製作和音樂。集體行為由上述八位藝術家開始,到時段後半,會場開放給其他藝術節藝術家自由加入。

Participating artists:
Glo CHAN, Xiyong CHAN, Kenneth CHOI Yat Ming, Yifan HE, Chi Wing HO, Yuki KOBAYASHI, Tracy KWOK, Jimmy LAU Hoi Ho, LIAO Jiaming, Jing PANG, Liz PONG, Tsz Wai PUN, Towako SANO, Ice WONG Kei Suet, Issac WONG, Vivian WONG Wing Lam, Siu Fong YEUNG, Monique YIM

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