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Follow the flow and flow into the follow-on

6-hour Performance

Follow the flow and flow into the follow-on is a series of staged repetitive actions that centre on a mundane act – drinking water. I station myself at the site for the entire opening, drinking water regularly through a 100-metre PVC tube surrounding the hallway and entry of HART Haus. As I drink, the pipe bounces rhythmically by following my breath. The movement of the tube could be viewed as if the architectural space is alive and breathing with its blood vessels, posing an interesting hypothesis with the space- architecture as an organism. The activation process is a rigorous practice that requires substantial human strength, patience, and attention -one must closely monitor one's breath and metabolic cycle to complete the performance. To the viewers, amplifying a simple habit would iterate the human body's dependence on nature - water and oxygen- and evoke the significance of mental resilience that keeps us in a routine and balanced life.

As part of NATURE: A PERCEPTION 自然非自然 at HART HAUS, curated by Bride Tang and Catherine Lau along with a team of humble researchers

Photo by NG Hong Kei

Special thanks to Sonia Fung, Caleb Fung and Kyle Chau

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