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Can I be heard like you listening to the light? 

Durational Performance

Staying close to the bright
I hope my body could become a part of the light to leave behind the dark.
Turning between hope and hopelessness
What is left of me is the feeling of disorientation.
I hope
I could find my piece of land to feel free from compromise
One day.

*Performed on November 7, 2023, as part of DUMMY at Zürich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Duration: 45 minutes

Photo by Catarina Sampaio Teixeira, Nin Tsai and Naiwen Chou

Video by Catarina Sampaio Teixeira 

*Performed on December 8, 2023, as part of Performance Days 3.0 at Bacio Collective, Bern, Switzerland

Duration: 2 hours

Photo by Bacio Collective

Video by Pei-Ran WANG (Edited by the artist)

[Video Documentation, single-channel video with sound, 1 hour 5 minutes 50 seconds] 

Condition Report for "Can I be heard like you listening to the light?" (2023)

 Printed on A4 paper


Installation shot of Performance Documentation for Can I be heard like you listening to the light? (2023)

Round trip between Bacio Collective and Aare River, Bern, Switzerland


Video Documentation, with sound, 1 hour 5 minutes 50 seconds

(preview version down below)

Performance condition report examined by the artist, hand-blown glass filled with Aare River’s water, torch, and leather lace-up shoes performed at Performance Days 3.0 in Bern, 2023.

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