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Video Installation
Single-channel video, 3'03" on loop
Dimension variable 

Breathing (2016), Ice Wong Kie Suet

Inspired by my experience at the Crossroad Foundation, emotion is powerful enough to change my feelings about my surroundings momentarily.


I sat on a bed and listened to the audio narrative that I might test AIDS positive. At that moment, the light from a bedside lamp beside me brought me different feelings. It changed from warm/soft to much more oppressive, but the brightness of light didn’t change physically. Emotion changes how we observe things. This work hopes to depict a moment of hopelessness. I projected a video projection on the corner of a wall. At first, the screen would show a clear image and fade out slowly. At the same time, the light would be declining while the breathing changed. It imitates the moments before and after someone experiences depression through applying sound and light.

Breathing (2016), Ice Wong Kie Suet
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