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Grace began to lose her soul under the blue sky.


The Devil came special for you.

10-minute Performance


The title of the performance is derived from a poem by the artist responding to her personal, poignant memories of unfortunateness in life. Grace comes from Latin origin, meaning “goodness” and “generosity”. Grace also carries multiple meanings regarding the quality of goodness and kindness. As well as an approval or kindness that is freely given by God to all humans, it means a period of time left or allowed before something happens or something must be done. Therefore, the artist takes the performance as an expression of questioning and soul-searching about the trials and tribulations of life.

As part of TRANSCENDING BODIES, Performances by DFA students at Hauser & Wirth: David Dragan, Arttu Palmio, Oana Popa, Nikita Purpu and Ice Wong Kei Suet,  performed on 23 March 2024

Photo by Max Geschke

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