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Workshop- The Fluidity of Light

Lecture Performance


“The Fluidity of Light” is an ongoing project since 2020. Do you still remember, when was the last time you looked up at the sky? Yesterday? A week or a month ago? Perhaps even longer and blurred. Lookup is just a very natural and straightforward action to lift your head upward. Your eyes are wide with the surprise of what you see at that moment- sometimes with the blissful cloudless blue sky, sometimes with dramatically cloudy, or sporadically with the delicate halo when the moon rises. Whatever we see, light is the first crucial element moving us to discover more in our surroundings. Besides being a supporting character to light up other prime matters, light is also the fundamental element that is so intensely a part of our being that we can’t even come up with our life without it. Throughout the immersive experience, audiences listened to 10 stories from 10 strangers collected by the artist; the stories were written in the format of letters. The artist, as a storyteller, switching on particular light bulbs in different colours and reading aloud the letters; the colours of the light respond to the specific stories, imitating the atmosphere of someone’s memories about light. Thinking about the existence of light from physical nature to a more sentimental comprehensive perspective- how light recalls your memories and forms your personal stories which no one else can experience the same feelings as you.

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